Author Topic: PC Engines APU BIOS update SD image to and 4.0.26 for legacy  (Read 3152 times)


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According with the Rack Matrix BLOG article describing how to update the PC Engines APUx BIOS.
We update the SD image with last BIOS released at 2019-06-08 and can be download here

release date 2019-06-08
List of change

  • Fixed/added:
    • rebased with official coreboot repository commit 3b4d0e0
    • vboot support with measured boot for apu2
    • serial ports are now described in ACPI
    • watchdog is now runtime configurable
    • SD 3.0 mode is now runtime configurable
    • updated SeaBIOS to rel-
    • updated sortbootorder to v4.6.14
    • all USB devices have now a single boot order priority
  • Known issues:
    • some PCIe cards are not detected on certain OSes and/or in certain mPCIe slots
    • booting with 2 USB 3.x sticks plugged in apu4 sometimes results in detecting only 1 stick
    • certain USB 3.x sticks happen to not appear in boot menu
    • booting Xen is unstable
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