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PC Engines APU BIOS update SD image to and 4.0.30 for legacy


According with the Rack Matrix BLOG article PC Engines APU motherboard BIOS update describing how to update the PC Engines APUx BIOS.
We update the SD image with last BIOS and 4.0.30 for legacy released at 2020-03-27 and can be download here

release date 2020-03-27
List of change

*    Fixed/added:
* rebased with official coreboot repository commit 90557f4
* fixed processors definitions and scope in ACPI
* added missing GNB IOAPIC initialization
* enabled PCI Express power management capabilities: ASPM L0s and L1, CommonClock, ClockPowerManagement
* added PCI Express endpoint reset logic using GPIOs for apu2
* added thermal zone definition in ACPI
* added SMBIOS memory tables for apu1
* added GNB IOAPIC to MP table   
* Known issues:
* apuled driver doesn't work in FreeBSD. Check the GPIOs document for workaround.
* some PCIe cards are not detected on certain OSes and/or in certain mPCIe slots. Check the mPCIe modules document for solution/workaround.
* booting with 2 USB 3.x sticks plugged in apu4 sometimes results in detecting only 1 stick
* certain USB 3.x sticks happen to not appear in boot menu
* booting Xen is unstable


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