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PC Engines APU BIOS update SD image to and 4.0.26 for legacy


According with the Rack Matrix BLOG article describing how to update the PC Engines APUx BIOS.
We update the SD image with last BIOS released at 2019-06-08 and can be download here

release date 2019-06-08
List of change

* Fixed/added:
* rebased with official coreboot repository commit 3b4d0e0
* vboot support with measured boot for apu2
* serial ports are now described in ACPI
* watchdog is now runtime configurable
* SD 3.0 mode is now runtime configurable
* updated SeaBIOS to rel-
* updated sortbootorder to v4.6.14
* all USB devices have now a single boot order priority   
* Known issues:
* some PCIe cards are not detected on certain OSes and/or in certain mPCIe slots
* booting with 2 USB 3.x sticks plugged in apu4 sometimes results in detecting only 1 stick
* certain USB 3.x sticks happen to not appear in boot menu
* booting Xen is unstable


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